Tyre Recycling

The Tyre Stewardship Research Fund


Fund Objectives

TSA is providing funding support via the Tyre Stewardship Research Fund (‘the fund’) in order to facilitate investment and support to develop Australia’s tyre recycling industry and markets for tyre derived products.

Put simply, the primary objective of the fund is to invest in projects that lead to higher sales of tyre derived product being made by Australian tyre recyclers and manufacturers.

The TSA Guidelines support this by noting the broad objectives of TSA funding to be:

  • advance innovative technologies in Australia by supporting focused, collaborative research in high priority technologies;
  • retain local expertise in, and attract international expertise to, Australia in technologies related to end-of-life tyres;
  • support the growth of skills and capacity in Australia in technologies related to end of life tyres for the domestic and international markets; and
  • share the results of that research with the wider industry as appropriate whilst respecting intellectual property rights.


Reason for TSA funding

The Australian tyre recycling industry produces a number of tyre-derived products (TDP) such as crumb rubber and rubber granules that can be used in applications from road construction and playground surfacing to adhesives and binders, and even as an additive into explosives. However, at this point the market for these products is not large enough to absorb the 52 million equivalent passenger units (EPU) of waste tyres generated annually in Australia. 

TSA has therefore established the fund as a means of stimulating initiatives that will support new developments in the application of TDP and lead to an expansion of new products, applications and markets for local recyclers and manufacturers.


Funding Streams:

In order to support TSA fund objectives, funding is being delivered in two streams; the Project Stream and Scholarship Stream. A brief description of each including links to relevant guidelines and application forms are provided below:


Project Stream:

The Project Stream focuses on support for projects that will lead to a direct increase in the local consumption of tyre-derived products that are currently on the market, such as crumb rubber, rubber granule and shredded tyre products. 

In order to ensure assessment of applications can be done in a clear and transparent manner, TSA has set the following priorities to guide Round 1 of the fund:

  • Projects that have a construction engineering focus, such as those investigating applications for tyre-derived products in roads, rail and development 
  • Projects that require research, development and/or testing for new or expanded products that have the potential to utilise significant volumes of tyre-derived products, such as new applications or for crumb rubber and rubber granule 
  • Fundamental laboratory based research, expert studies, testing or support for pilot or demonstration projects to utilise tyre-derived products where wider industry benefit can be shown


Please note, TSA will consider other models, partnerships and proposals, as long as they can demonstrably contribute to reaching TSAs desired outcomes and objectives. Therefore, if you have a project proposal, please feel free contact TSA to discuss. 

For more information, including eligibility criteria, desired project models, funding levels and assessment criteria please see the funding guidelines which can be downloaded from here.


Scholarship Stream 

The Scholarship stream is seeking exciting new research ideas and technologies which may benefit the waste tyre and associated manufacturing industries. Therefore, PHD research proposals which are more exploratory in nature but have market potential are sought in this stream of the fund. 

Beyond that, TSA has no desire to constrain thinking about what might be involved.  It is, however, crucial that the research targets one of more of the overarching objectives of TSA funding listed above. 

For more information, including eligibility criteria, funding levels and assessment criteria for the Scholarship Fund, please see the funding guidelines which can be downloaded from here.


Current Funding Round

The latest funding round for the TSA Research Fund has now closed. Funding will be available again in future. 
To obtain further information please contact the Market Development Manager via the contact details listed below.



More information:

If you have read the guidelines and have further questions or require more information, feel free to contact Liam O’Keefe - Market Development Manager on the following details:

Ph: +61 3 9077 2791