Sustainable Outcomes Indicator

The Sustainable Outcomes Indicator (SOI) represents the environmental and social impacts of EOLT collected, processed, used within Australia and exported internationally by Scheme Participants.  The SOI has been developed to align with the objectives of the Scheme and principles of the waste hierarchy.

The intent of the SOI is to demonstrate how the activities of entities within the Scheme represent the achievement of environmentally sound uses for EOLTs generated in Australia.  Each participant within the Scheme is assigned a star rating (0-5 stars), to represent Acceptable Outcomes and Unacceptable Outcomes. 

The star rating system provides a touch point for consumers to identify most sustainable service providers within the TSA ecosystem (via website search function).  Additionally, it serves as a procurement tool (eg for Retailers) and encourages participants (such as Collectors and Recyclers) to move towards more sustainable outcomes for EOLT.