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To help you with the sustainable management, recycling and productive use of end-of-life tyres in Australia, we have collected information specifically for tyre retailers on this page. Here you will find:

We will update this toolbox whenever there is something new we think you would find useful.

Be a TSA Champion - report suspicious behavior by emailing getonboard@tyrestewardship.org.au or see FAQs below for more information on your local EPA or environmental regulator.

Answers to frequently asked questions

There is currently a perfect storm of factors disrupting tyre collections and pushing up costs for everyone in the supply chain, including:

  • - Global shipping crisis
  • - Labour shortages
  • - Export ban on whole and baled tyres
  • - Local markets not yet able to consume volume of used tyres fast enough
  • - Political and economic uncertainty

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. We’re going to feel under pressure for some time while we adjust to changes in the market. In the meantime, there are some things you can do:

  • - Encourage your customers to take up a Tyre Care Plan to extend the life of their tyres
  • - Talk to your local TSA Accredited Tyre Collector about the challenges and working together on short-term fixes eg. collecting some, if not all, tyres
  • - Be upfront with your customers about this issue – talk to them about short-term options such as taking their own used tyres to the local Waste Recycling Centre or paying you to do so
  • - Tell us what you need – use our 'Ask Us A Question' form below

For more information, see the explainer we recently sent out to tyre retailers:

You have several options, and can report anonymously if you choose to do so. The more specific information you can provide, the better, as evidence is needed to support further investigations. Photos, locations, names/registration details are all really useful.

You can either:

  • - Email TSA at getonboard@tyrestewardship.org.au – we can pass information on to the relevant council or authority on your behalf, or anonymously, if you prefer.
  • - Install the SnapSendSolve app on your phone and use that to report dumped tyres per the instructions - here.
  • - Report the issue to your local EPA or environmental regulator: VIC | NSW | SA | WA | QLD | NT | ACT | TAS

TSA supported the sector by reaching out to organisations exporting baled tyres to register to participate in TSA’s Baler's Transition Program -  including our support in liaising with relevant local and state Government departments on licences, applications and approvals requirements.

We've made a video that explains this to consumers - you can share it with your customers in-store or via your website and social media.

We have prepared an Audit Handbook for Tyre Retailers, in which you will find everything you need to know about our assessment criteria and processes.

TSA is an industry-led voluntary product stewardship organisation, funded by tyre importers and auto brands.

A tyre importer may choose to pass on a levy to their retail network. TSA is not involved, or can influence an importers decision to recover this cost through its retail network.

If you have any questions regarding disposal fees, please contact your tyre importer or head office to discuss.

See the projects that TSA has committed to funding through the Tyre Stewardship fund here.

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