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TSA appoints advisor for science and innovation sectors

31 January 2022

Tyre Stewardship Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Linda Mitchell as the first science and innovation advisor for the organisation.

This appointment is another step forward in advancing Australia’s competitiveness in managing its own tyre waste stream and unlocking opportunities for the national economy, such as the 9.2 jobs created for every 10,000 tonnes of waste recycled, compared with 2.8 jobs for every 10,000 tonnes landfilled.

TSA CEO Lina Goodman explains: “This new role is about building our capability to collaborate with, and support, science and innovation sectors critical to research and development of new products from used tyres.

“It’s also about connecting research and industry to increase commercial returns, such as the creation of new markets, technology, skills and jobs.”

Dr Mitchell’s first report on the impact of microplastics and tyre and road wear plastics (TWRP) on community health and the environment, will be released in early 2022.

Read full media release here.

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