Foreign End Market Verification


Foreign End Markets (FEM) Program

With a significant volume of Australian EOLT exported for processing, the verification of the environmentally sustainable and ethical management of exported tyres is central to the integrity of the Tyre Stewardship Scheme and global efforts to create a safe and responsible industry.

The FEM program is linked to the Sustainable Outcomes Indicator, whereby Scheme Participants sending material to overseas destinations are required to have these destinations independently verified. TSA participants that do not have their foreign end markets verified present ‘unacceptable outcomes’ for exported Australian sourced EOLTs .

FEM Platform

TSA’s online FEM Platform will assist in auditing down-stream vendor behaviour, verifying sustainable outcomes, ensuring accountability of exporting processors and to educate operators both domestically and off-shore.

The FEM Platform will manage the process, where overseas entities will participate in the FEM program via key steps as follows:

Where a site inspection for verification of end destination is required, inspections will include key focus areas:

  • Environment
  • Modern Slavery / Labour rights
  • Health and Safety; and
  • Distribution

FEM vendors/suppliers that are inspected as part of the program will receive findings to assist in continual improvement.  All information held on the platform will be strictly confidential.