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For Australian tyre and TDP exporters

For processing facilities that receive tyre and TDP imports

For the shipping and freight industry

For government

Why use it?

To meet global waste reduction goals, we must keep the tyre recovery circular economy moving sustainably - not just in our own country but also in the destinations we export to.

To do that, all stakeholders in the supply chain need assurance that tyres and Tyre Derived Product (TDP) which leave our shores do not cause environmental or social harm at their destination.

TSA's FEMV program, using Intertek’s Inlight platform and global expertise, is an ESG risk management tool which you can use to gain independent verification that the end of your supply chain is operating as legally and responsibly as you do.

It gives you confidence that you are working with responsible operators that will not cause environmental and social harm, nor pose a threat to your:

  • regulatory obligations
  • ESG policy and processes
  • corporate reputation
  • stakeholder trust and confidence

By using FEMV you can minimise ESG risks for your business and its stakeholders, and gain a sustainable advantage in the markets you operate in.

How it works

TSA's FEMV program verifies foreign consignees' facilities and management practices against ESG standards in four key areas:

  • Environment
  • Health and safety
  • Modern Slavery
  • Distribution

The process includes up to five stages depending on improvement needs identified at each stage.

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