Queensland Regional Business Case for a Circular Economy for Used Tyres

TSA is pleased to provide the ‘Queensland Regional Business Case for a Circular Economy for Used Tyres’ reports for North & Far North Queensland, and South West Queensland.

Developed in partnership with the QLD government, Local Government Association of QLD, local government, industry associations, resource recovery sector participants and community members, the document outlines a business case for greater success in recycling and alleviating the impacts of waste disposal and illegal dumping of used tyres.

The region has flagged tyre recycling as a priority for better environmental outcomes, based on the opportunity to improve the community's and business' access to tyre recovery services.

This business case shows that there is no reason to neglect the untapped resources stored within the tyres of cars, trucks, buses and large off the road (OTR) vehicles such as tractors, earthmovers and roadworks vehicles. Moreover, there are options at hand to adopt a regional tyre consolidation and collection model that delivers access to reliable, cost effective and legitimate tyre recovery services.

Creating conditions that will allow for one or more tyre collection services to be established in the region on an ongoing and stable basis will diminish the need for stockpiling across tyre retailers, farms and other agricultural holdings; and may reduce the prevalence of illegal dumping of tyres.

It also aims to test a range of commercially-led options to alleviate this problem, and which may be enabled through various forms of support and intervention.

Download the reports here:

North & Far North Queensland
- Executive Summary
- Full Report

South West Queensland
- Executive Summary
- Full Report