Market Development Fund
Guidelines and Application


Funding Priority Statement

The following statement provides guidance on the types of applications that TSA will look upon favourably in the assessment of applications for the Fund:

  • The priority outcome to be achieved from the Project Stream of the Fund is a direct increase in the consumption of Australian TDP through new and expanded markets.
  • Applications will be assessed most favourably if they are BOTH innovative in nature and have the potential to consume high volumes of Australian TDP.
  • Projects will also be strongly considered if they can demonstrate innovative new approaches to consuming TDP and are likely to consume large volumes of Australian generated TDP.
  • Projects must have collaborative partnerships between industry, research bodies and “end users” to demonstrate a realistic market application and likely potential of being utilised by the market at the completion of the project.
  • All projects must be rated highly in relation to the assessment criteria (see relevant project stream guidelines), with a particular emphasis on:
    • a clear business case that articulates the potential increase in consumption of TDP the project will achieve
    • a clear statement of how the project will capitalise on the characteristics of TDP to create new and improved products or processes
    • strong project partners with appropriate resources and a track history of delivering successful projects
  • Examples of priority markets and applications TSA will support in the Project Stream include (but is not limited to) road, rail, polymer-based products, building/infrastructure initiatives and explosives.

Please note, TSA will consider other models, partnerships, project areas and proposals, as long as they can demonstrably contribute to reaching TSAs desired outcomes and objectives (see the TSA Guidelines for more information). Therefore, if you have a potential project proposal or idea, please feel free contact TSA to discuss.

All TSA funded activities require the use of Australian TDP for the duration of the project.

All TSA funded infrastructure and demonstration projects require Australian generated TDP to be utilised for the lifetime of the project and associated infrastructure.

For more information, including eligibility criteria, desired project models, funding levels and assessment criteria please see the Fund guidelines which can be downloaded below.

The application, including attachments, must be submitted via email, with the relevant stream title in the subject line, to:


Project Stream

Demonstration and Infrastructure Projects:

Research and Development Projects: