To support government policy for Australia which is taking responsibility for its own waste, TSA is recognising organisations that are playing a vital role in consuming Australian tyre derived material in Australia as ‘TSA Circular Economy Collaborators’. These organisations include manufacturers, end users and researchers.

Manufacturers - Apply here

  • Manufacturers of finished products to market that contain recycled tyres (also known as tyre derived material) from Australian TSA accredited recyclers (including where there is a need to compliment with a portion of imported material).
  • Manufacturers that are extending the life of a used tyre through retread.

End Users - Apply here

  • Entities that make a committed effort to utilise Australian tyre derived material, such as municipalities in roads, pavements, buildings, playgrounds, sportsfields, gyms and purchasing of manufactured goods that contain Australian tyre derived materials.

Researchers - Apply here

  • Research organisations that are delivering a methodology for the use of tyre derived material in the Australian market

What is a TSA Circular Economy Collaborator?

A TSA Circular Economy Collaborator is an organisation that conducts activities that align with TSA's vision of contributing to a sustainable society.

These organisations are instrumental in creating new markets and jobs from Australian generated end-of-life tyres. It is free for you or your organisation to participate and will provide benefits in setting your product apart in the marketplace.

As part of being recognised and identified as a Circular Economy Collaborator, TSA will promote approved organisations and extend use of TSA branding where applicable and within TSA guidelines.

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