Independent Evaluation of Tyre Stewardship Fund
and Market Development Activities


Evaluation Report

Part of the independent review of the Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme, undertaken by Marsden Jacob Associates in April 2017, recommended that ‘TSA establish appropriate criteria for ex-ante assessment of proposals for funding through the Tyre Stewardship Research Fund (TSRF). The criteria should be consistent with the objectives of the TSRF. TSA should also undertake an ex-post assessment of funded projects to assess whether they have been successful in furthering the objectives of the TSRF with results of the evaluations being published.’

To deliver on this recommendation, TSA had an independent evaluation performed by Urban EP in early 2018 of the Fund and TSA Market Development activities. The review assessed several objectives including; to investigate, measure and understand the impacts of TSA funded activities; delivery against the desired market development objectives; and delivery as against the broader intended outcomes of the Scheme. TSA have already begun implementing the 18 recommendations outlined in the final evaluation report.

The independent review was comprehensive in scope and the key outcomes are available here.

National Market Development Strategy for Used Tyres

Dealing with the challenge presented by Australia’s generation of more than 56 million end-of-life tyres each year in a sustainable manner has taken an important step forward with the release of the National Market Development Strategy for Used Tyres.

Commissioned in cooperation with Tyre Stewardship Australia, the five-year strategy, was endorsed by all State Environment Ministers in 2017, and provides a collaborative framework to maximise market development opportunities to increase use of locally produced recycled tyre-derived products.

The strategy was co-funded by Sustainability Victoria, Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) Queensland, Department of Environment Regulation WA, NSW Environment Protection Authority and Tyre Stewardship Australia.

The strategy document can be viewed and downloaded here.

National Specifications for Crumb Rubber Modified (CRM) Asphalt

In 2019 Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) and the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) introduced new national specifications for Crumbed Rubber Modified (CRM) asphalt, published in June 2019, for open graded asphalt (OGA) and gap graded asphalt (GGA) mix designs.

The pilot specification set out the requirements for CRM OGA surface layers with a nominal maximum aggregate size of 10 mm and 14 mm. The specification also includes requirements for CRM GGA mixes with a nominal maximum aggregate size of 14 mm and 20 mm.

CRM Tech-Talk Series

Supporting the national specifications, TSA and AAPA delivered a series of information sessions in August 2019 outlining global best practice and the latest technological developments in road maintenance and construction using recycled crumbed rubber, with the aim of increasing understanding of the application of the products.