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What is the Sustainable Outcomes Indicator (SOI) program?

The Sustainable Outcomes Indicator (SOI) is a star rating applied to TSA accredited recyclers and collectors to drive and promote best practice operations and the development and use of tyre-derived materials and products in the Australian market.

How it works

Each TSA accredited recycler or collector is given a star rating based on:

  • Three criteria to score their contribution to the sustainable growth of Australian markets for tyre-derived materials and products:
      • facility market share of product consumption in Australia
      • proportion of material processed into product or sent for reuse (e.g. not landfilled)
      • facilities dominant processing capability (circular economy hierarchy).
  • Two criteria to score their level of compliance with environmental, social, and regulatory standards including for their overseas markets if applicable:
      • facility audit and compliance record (Findings from TSA annual compliance audits)
      • proportion of facility’s exported used tyres and tyre-derived material go to TSA foreign end market verified sites.

Their scores against the above criteria result in a star rating. The star rating starts at one star and progresses in half-star increments until it reaches the highest achievable star rating of five. A TSA accredited recycler's or collector's star rating is updated twice-yearly.

TSA accredited collectors inherit the score for the contribution to the sustainable growth of Australian markets from their main TSA accredited recycling partner.

The star rating is available now on our website when searching for  TSA accredited recyclers and collectors.

How does SOI drive best practice in Australia?

The SOI program is designed to encourage and support tyre recyclers and collectors to:

  • differentiate their service offering
  • make decisions that improve environmental and compliance outcomes
  • improve industry standards.

It also supports the entire (tyre) value chain, including tyre retailers, local government, and industry to:

  • make informed decisions by choosing a TSA accredited recycler or collector that aligns with company ESGs and standards
  • encourage their TSA accredited recycler or collector to work with TSA to improve their star rating.

Overall, it provides the assurance that brings greater confidence to the entire used tyre resource recovery sector.

It encourages the highest value end use of tyres, which not only meets the Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme’s objectives, but also community and government expectations.

It is part of TSA’s broader work to develop Australia’s tyre recycling industry and markets for tyre derived products, and advance circular economy principles in the sector.

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