Collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLC)

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) seeks to facilitate collaboration between users of Off-The-Road (OTR) rubber products – such as tyres, conveyor belts and tracks – and Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities (IPLC) to leverage opportunities for resource recovery in regional, rural and remote Australia.  

In June 2023, TSA commissioned research by Research Equity and RMIT University to explore and identify best practice principles for collaboration between industry, government and IPLCs.

The resulting reports, released in June 2023, are a practical starting point and pathway forward for OTR rubber product users and IPLCs that help them work together to recover valuable OTR rubber product resources in a way that recognises the ‘unique’ attributes of their local community.

They have been designed for use by all OTR rubber product stakeholders, including:

  • Federal Government
  • Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
  • Local governments
  • OTR rubber product users in Mining, Agriculture & Forestry, Construction (and Demolition), Industrial and Aviation
  • OTR tyre, conveyor belt and track manufacturers and importers
  • State & Territory governments
  • Tyre collectors and recyclers
  • Tyre retailers

The Australian report shows how global best practices can be applied in the Australian context, recognising the major sources of OTR tyre, tracks and conveyor belt resources in regional, rural and remote areas. 

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The Global report answers 10 critical questions to identify best practices in a global context. This forms the research foundation for the Australian report.

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