Lina Goodman


Lina Goodman - Chief Executive Officer

Lina joined Tyre Stewardship Australia Ltd (TSA) as Chief Executive Officer, in January 2019.

Lina has more than 20 years’ experience in resource recovery and environmental innovation, bringing together projects and partners to deliver business and environmental improvements that also increase and enhance reputation.

Lina started her career at Visy Recycling which spanned 14 years and included roles in Marketing, Sales and Municipal Contracts. Later joining Honeywell to deliver one of the nation’s largest energy performance contract.

At TIC Group, Lina was the General Manager of Marketing and Head of Sales, she was instrumental in delivering circular economy benefits through TIC’s Mattress Recycling, Reverse Logistics and Solvup businesses.

In Lina’s short time at TSA, she has developed and implemented a strong strategic and operational direction both locally and internationally, whilst leading the Scheme to receive Australian Government Accreditation for best Product Tyre Stewardship. Lina’s pragmatic, action-oriented, determined and approachable leadership has revived the TSA.

With a Bachelor of Business and a Masters in Business (Marketing), Lina now maintains an active, passionate involvement with Resource Equity; an organisation that works to empower, increase and improve women’s rights to land.

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