Noah Phillips Bartlett


Noah Phillip Bartlett - Climate and Environmental Scientist

Noah is TSA's Climate and Environmental Scientist. Noah's key roles include; Delivering technical expertise and advice to the TSA team and its stakeholders regarding climate issues within the industry, and conducting and supporting projects in key market development areas that drive climate action, decarbonisation and emission reductions. Noah conducts research to predict future trends, and identify barriers and knowledge gaps around tyre stewardship and in relation to climate change, emission reduction and environmental contamination.

Noah completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Science from the University of Melbourne in 2022. At university Noah's areas of study included climate change, environmental risk assessment, and sustainability. Through his studies, Noah learned the critical importance of taking a holistic approach to environmental mitigation strategies. Noah's capstone project investigated salmon farming in Tasmania and its synergistic relationship with climate change. Noah is furthering his studies and is currently completing a Masters of Environment degree at the University of Melbourne.

Noah Strongly holds the belief that science should be accessible to everyone. While removing complexity from science can be challenging, it is essential for fostering people's passion for science.

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