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Big wheels should keep on turning

In a landmark commitment, Tyre Stewardship Australia is pleased to announce that major OTR tyre importers Ascenso Tyres, Bearcat, Bridgestone Mining Solutions, Goodyear, Kal Tire, Michelin and Yokohama are committed to contributing to Australia's voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (the Scheme).

These importers who have agreed to contribute financially have read community sentiment and acknowledge that we need to increase OTR tyre resource recovery and create real-world outcomes for this valuable resource.

Driving change in the OTR sector

TSA’s vision is a circular economy for all end-of-life tyres, contributing to a sustainable society. Through its work in the OTR sector, TSA aims to position Australia as the world leader - and leading innovator - in OTR tyre resource recovery.

Those who are partnering with TSA are helping to drive solutions for the sustainable management, recycling and productive use of end-of-life tyres, which, just like our 56 million end-of-life car tyres each year, can be turned into everything from crumb rubber for roads, permeable pavements, gym flooring and other innovative products.

Importantly, innovation, entrepreneurship and market development activities will lead to new OTR tyre-derived products, new markets and new jobs – just as it has done in the passenger, truck and bus sectors.

OTR tyres in Australia: the state of play

Around 140,000 tonnes of off-the-road (OTR) tyres are sold in Australia every year.

These tyres are used in some of Australia’s most important industries: mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and aviation.

Less than 15 per cent are recovered as a resource. The rest are stockpiled or buried onsite or sent to landfill.

There is limited availability for viable recycling solutions for OTR tyres. This is due to known barriers, including onsite disposal, their location in regional and remote areas and the challenges associated with their size. Read full case for change here.

TSA's Commitment

Signalling the government’s expectation for improvement, TSA received a federal government grant to deliver a business case that looks at all the levers that can be used to make a positive shift in improving OTR resource recovery in the mining, agriculture, aviation manufacturing and construction sectors.

TSA is working with organisations across the value chain and with all sectors, to understand the barriers to recovery and how we can overcome them. Final business case due in March 2023.

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Read full case for change here.

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