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Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen for Local Victorian Roads

30 May 2022

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen for Local Victorian Roads

Light Traffic Crumb Rubber Asphalt

Boral Australia has worked with the Victorian Department of Transport and the City of Greater Bendigo to bring forward the option for more affordable roads using recycled tyre material.

The new crumb rubber binder asphalts specifications for low traffic roads will help councils play their part in recycling tyres, while keeping new road projects within cost tolerances.

Adding a crumb rubber binder will aid durability and resistance to cracking, while extending the working lifespan of roads and pavements compared to their unmodified alternatives. The crumb rubber works as a substitute for more traditional synthetic polymer binders that impart similar performances without the same environmental benefits.

Co-funded by Tyre Stewardship Australia, this project developed and tested a number of asphalts designed to meet or exceed nominal specifications for lightly trafficked roads, while involving lower levels of crumb rubber additives in order to contain costs.

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