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Production of tyre crumb derived composite material

1 March 2017

Production of tyre crumb derived composite material

This project is a further iteration of the R&D project completed in the 2016/17 financial year. Based upon the successful outcomes of the initial batch testing, further investment (co-funded by TSA & SV) will test the scaling capability of the technology, with the aim of the composite material (TDP and recycled plastic) pellets being produced in masterbatch volume.

This will determine if the production process will be able to cope with future required volumes to be sold to the manufacturers of high quality composite material pipes for use in the large volume Irrigation Pipes and Sewerage Pipes markets.

This scale-up project will involve the company (PP) ordering a new up-scaled machine to be purpose built as well as specialised materials handling equipment, for combining its unique tyre crumb derived Polymeric Powder with specific Polyolefin material.

Should this initial investment prove beneficial, the first commercial facility utilising the new custom-built commercial scale machine will have a potential production capacity for manufacturing the tyre crumb derived Polymeric Powder / Polyolefin composite material pellets scalable at 100,000 tons.

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