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Rubber blending plant for regional Victoria

14 December 2023

Rubber blending plant for regional Victoria

Cranes Asphalting

It is exciting to see the first regional asphalt manufacturing plant beginning production of rubber asphalt mix in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Supported by TSA with a contribution of $300,000, the upgrade involves the importation of a specialised shearing and blending plant from Phoenix Industries in Arizona. Phoenix Industries are specialist Manufacturers of this type of equipment used to infuse the granulated crumb rubber into hot class 170 bitumen.

The blended product will supply the road-building sector in the greater Gippsland region of Victoria. It will service Local Government Agencies such as Wellington Shire, and East Gippsland Shire along with the state road body in Regional Roads Victoria. The addition of crumb rubber into bitumen has been proven to increase the performance of the binder in the pavement surface by strengthening the properties of the bitumen. This process adds value to the pavement by use of a superior bitumen, while also supporting the circular economy for our clients’ regulatory requirements. The crumb rubber blend can also act as a replacement for conventional polymer-based products that have been used in the road surfacing sector.

The project will ensure the use of crumb rubber blended into Cranes bitumen supply locally and potential customers. The upgrade will provide employment for an additional 3 workers in Bairnsdale. There is potential for additional employment once new markets are established.

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