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Sustainable Modular and Recycled Tyre House

14 December 2023

Sustainable Modular and Recycled Tyre House

Jubilee Living – S.M.A.R.T House

Following on from a previous project we supported back in 2017, this new project focussed on a product that is made from tyres. “C4M ” as it is called, is a low-density void former cast into concrete panels for construction. A sandwich wall system using baled tyres, was research by Curtin University and manufactured by Lomwest Enterprises. The project involves the construction of a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom display home. The aim is to provide a fast, economical, and environmentally efficient housing alternative.

The hybrid-style construction makes use of repurposed tyres condensed into bales, a prefabricated wet area module, and a 40 mm recycled plastic grid for a floor slab called ROMBUS. This system makes it ideal for quick and economical construction, especially in remote areas. The house will be made available for research through the University of Western Australia and to Government for indigenous and affordable housing. The display will be in Parkland Heights, Baldivis in Western Australia. This estate is owned by the Summit Homes Group and related companies of which Jubilee Living is one. The project is an evolution of previous experimental builds in remote WA. In this instance, standard steel frames will be substituted with C4M products.

The current pilot project will enable key stakeholders such as the Department of Communities, Indigenous trusts, and social housing providers to “touch and feel” the house as a demonstration of what can be achieved with this innovative and novel system. After the pilot has been tested, a modular factory is anticipated with a learning academy to train up indigenous workers to help close the gap.

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