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Equine Air [Flexiroc]

1 March 2017

Equine Air [Flexiroc]

Galloping to greater use of recycled rubber

Construction products company, Flexiroc Australia has developed an innovative paving product incorporating recycled rubber, called Equine Air, for use in the horse racing industry.

Equine Air is a free draining surface providing improved water discharge, allowing greater all-weather use, while maintaining the integrity of the tracks structure. The bound rubber product provides a cushioning effect and delivers superior performance through less concussive riding forces, lowering the potential for injuries to the horses.

The innovative pavement design allows this product to be placed over problematic ground conditions, whilst also having the added convenience of being able to be laid using conventional paving equipment.

A recent trial section laid at one of Racing Victoria’s premier facilities, Pakenham Racing Clubs Tynong Complex, used over 3,000 end-of-life tyres or 27 tonnes of recycled rubber. The results support the opportunity for the conversion of further tracks around Australia. Each full track would use between 600-1000 tonnes of recycled rubber when upgraded.

Flexiroc Australia aims to make Equine Air the benchmark for Racing Victoria training surfaces and is looking at opportunities to roll-out the new surface on thoroughbred tracks around the world.

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