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2019 audit program gets underway

1 March 2019

TSA commenced the 2019 Accreditation and Compliance audit program in February 2019.

Those participants who are to be audited will be contacted at least 2 weeks prior to any intended visit by TSA.

As part of bringing auditing service in-house, the scope of TSA audits will primarily focus on Participant’s commitments to support the Scheme, including:

  • reporting of EOLT volumes,
  • downstream vendor management
  • environmentally sound use of EOLTs

TSA is committed to working with accredited entities to ensure their staff, customers and the environment are safe.  While it is not TSA’s remit to undertake an audit of environmental, health and safety (EHS) aspects as part of the accreditation and compliance audit process, key areas of focus are tyre storage and fire safety, including management of hazardous materials and emergency response.

These items form requirements of best practice management as prescribed by TSA’s updated Best Practice Guidelines on Tyre Storage and Fire and Emergency Preparedness.

It is the responsibility of site operators to understand and comply with the regulatory requirements that apply to their operations.  Contact should be made directly with the relevant authority (State or Territory) to determine how requirements can be met.

The Audit Handbooks for both Retailers and Collectors/Recyclers are currently being finalised.  They will be released to Participants for download via the TSA website.

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