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Green Tyre Project delivers impressive numbers and customers

1 April 2018

The website specifically designed to educate consumers and drive them to use TSA accredited retailers has achieved some very impressive results in a relatively short time.

Launched in the second half of 2017 and promoted by a significant traditional and online media campaign, has, from the beginning of November 2017 to the end of March 2018, achieved nearly 540,000 site visits.

Even more encouraging is that more than 270,000 site visitors have viewed the purpose made, short explanatory videos and over 7,000 visitors have used the retailer search engine to find a TSA accredited supplier. That’s more than 1,400 tyre buyers per month specifically looking for their nearest TSA accredited tyre store.

The consumer site has also generated over 20,000 social media shares and the broader number of consumer views, of any element of the media campaign, now runs to over 19 million impressions.

TSA is continuing the focus on public education over the remainder of 2018 and accredited retailers can make the most of their advantage by ensuring that their accreditation is current and visible, both at their premises and in their promotional materials.

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