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VicRoads commits to increased use of recycled tyre material

1 December 2017

In a significant move relating to the development of a strong market for tyre-derived material, VicRoads has committed to increasing the use of the crumbed rubber material in new road construction in regional areas.

In the recently published Country Roads: Your insights, our action planning and strategy document, VicRoads recognised the community and environmental benefits to be gained by committing to use of recycled rubber in both asphalt mix and spray seal.

In addition, the Victorian roads authority is investing $1 million in R&D for new uses of recycled tyre-derived material.

According to the VicRoads strategy document, “Each year in Victoria almost 14 million tyres reach their end of life. If they are not reused, they are dumped or stockpiled. Across country Victoria over the next five years, our goal is to reuse one million tyres in road works annually and invest $1 million towards research to identify new opportunities to use recycled products.”

The commitment to improved environmental stewardship was a clear driver in the decision to increase the use of recycled material; “We will be much more sensitive to the environmental impacts of our projects, and have set a bold target to double the amount of tyre rubber we recycle in roads for a start”, the document states.

The moves from VicRoads are not only very encouraging in the Victorian context but also likely to influence thinking in other states, offering the potential for very significant increases in tyre- derived product used in the construction of the nation’s roads.

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