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Launch of Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant Program

2 November 2022

The Tasmanian Government is committed to investing in the resource recovery sector and driving the establishment of a circular economy in Tasmania.

Waste tyres can become problematic if they are illegally dumped or stored inappropriately, with poorly managed stockpiles potentially creating fire risks and pest problems.

The Tasmanian Government is tackling the management of waste tyres head-on by launching the Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant Program.

Under the program, the Tasmanian Government will provide up to $3 million to partner with industry to develop a rubber crumbing plant, or provide alternative and sustainable solutions for the recovery of end-of-life tyres.

The primary focus of the grant program is to invest in a rubber crumbing plant to produce materials for reuse in road surfacing across Tasmania – using Tasmania’s waste tyres, reprocessed in Tasmania, in Tasmanian roads.

Tasmania is well-placed to take advantage of the global shift to circular economies and is committed to developing markets and creating conditions where there is more demand for recycled products.

The Expressions of Interest Guidelines have been released and applications will be accepted from 15 December, closing 30 January 2023.

Guidelines to help businesses prepare their applications and more information about the grant program are available here.

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