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EPA Victoria: Waste tyres are your business: don’t get caught out

14 March 2024

Dumped tyres are more than a blight on our shared landscape, they pose risk to your businesses as well as to human health and the environment. If you’re looking to dispose of waste tyres, make sure you’re doing it legally. EPA Victoria is launching a regime of inspections to check tyre retailers are doing the right thing.

Dumped tyres not only pollute our environment, they pose serious toxic fire risks and are costly to clean up.

Waste tyres are reportable priority waste under Victorian law. This means you have a legal obligation to ensure they’re disposed of correctly and to use EPA’s Waste Tracker app when they’re moved from your premises.

Tempting cheap deals from suspect waste transporters could land you in serious trouble if they’re later found dumped on public or private land. Some transporters are offering to dispose of used tyres at well below market rates and then dumping them. Others are even charging the market rate and dumping tyres anyway.

Businesses caught flouting the rules face hefty fines and even prosecution. Ask to see your transporter’s Waste Tracker records to make sure you stay on the right side of the law.

Protect yourself, protect the environment

  • Waste Tracker is your friend: log every tyre leaving your premises in EPA’s Waste Tracker app. If you do not, EPA will take action. If your transporter is creating records on your behalf, ask to see the records to ensure your tyres end up in a lawful place.
  • Receipts matter: your transporter must also log removal and disposal in Waste Tracker. Ask to see those records to make sure they’re going to a lawful place to be re-used or recycled.
  • Question cheap deals: if a removal rate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Request proof of lawful disposal before accepting a quote.
  • Keep fires at bay: dumped tyres are disasters waiting to happen. Store only what you’re permitted to.
  • See something, say something: think you’ve met a suspect operator? Report them to EPA at or call 1300 372 842.

Disposing of tyres responsibly isn’t just the law, it’s good business. Protect your reputation, the environment and your bottom line by following the rules.

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