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TSA REPORT: Mining Industry – Off The Road Used Tyre Analysis

3 April 2020

In 2019, Tyre Stewardship Australia engaged Randell Environmental Consulting in association with Brock Baker Environmental Consulting to complete an analysis of the consumption and fate of mining industry Off-The-Road tyres

This analysis followed the completion of the report commissioned by Tyre Stewardship Australia titled End-Of-Life Tyres Supply Chain and Fate Analysis (REC 2019) by Randell Environmental Consulting.

REC 2019 identified the need to better understand OTR tyre consumption and fate given the estimated recovery rate in 2018/19 was just 11%. The remaining 89% were not recovered (with 81% assumed to be disposed onsite at mining, farming or similar sites).

This report is intended to provide the foundation for further engagement with the mining sector

Much of the analysis is preliminary and intended to provide an understanding of the core issues. The report does not provide ‘the answers’ to improved used mining tyre recovery, however, it will enable more informed discussions.

Download the full report:

Mining Industry Report

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