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The green tyre message reaches over 1 million Australians

1 September 2018

TSA consumer education and engagement website has since launched in November of last year generated over 1 million clicks, an average site visitation of more than 100,000 per month. Other activity includes more than 680,000 views of the Green Tyre Project explanatory videos, close to 39,000 social media shares, 13,000 accredited tyre retailer searches and with nearly 4,500 consumers taking the extra step of pledging to only buy tyres for TSA accredited retailers.

These remarkable figures point to the success of the traditional (print, radio, transit and ambient) media campaign, supported by well targeted online marketing, in driving consumers to the site.

Not only has the campaign driven substantial engagement numbers it has also exceeded industry benchmarks for campaign efficiency, on both a cost per click basis and in site video view rates.

As the campaign continues, participants are sure to benefit from consumer’s increased awareness of the TSA scheme and the clearly emerging preference for only doing business with accredited retailers.

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