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TSA accreditation displays responsible practice in waste tyre management

1 December 2018

It is easy for Launceston locals to shop for tyres with confidence that their old tyres are not ending up in illegal dumps. By shopping from Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) accredited retailers, such as Tazzy Tyres – Launceston, consumers can ensure that their end-of-life tyres meet a sustainable fate.

Recent action by the Tasmanian EPA to issue infringement notices for illegal tyre disposal has highlighted the value of using the industry accreditation program to identify responsible operators.

With more than 1500 retail outlets accredited nation-wide and over 80% of tyre recycling activity covered, the TSA accreditation program includes 33 tyre retailers in Tasmania and the largest tyre collector/recycler in the state (Barwicks).

TSA was established by major tyre companies to improve the sustainable management of the more than 56 million end-of-life tyres generated in Australia each year.

Supported by State and Federal Governments, the TSA accreditation scheme commits participating tyre importers, retailers, collectors and recyclers to sustainable end-of-life tyre management.

The organisation is also working on increasing domestic recycling uses for waste tyres; such as crumbed-rubber asphalt for better roads, playground surfaces, sporting fields and innovative civil engineering and construction products.

Consumers can search for their nearest accredited tyre retailer through

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