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TSA News > For public consultation: preliminary findings of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis of Waste Tyre Recovery

For public consultation: preliminary findings of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis of Waste Tyre Recovery

19 July 2022

TSA is seeking feedback, from all stakeholders in Australia’s tyre recovery circular economy, on preliminary findings of analysis of the greenhouse gas implications for processing and uses of end-of-life tyres.

We are particularly interested to hear from government, tyre recyclers and users of Tyre Derived Product (TPD), such as:

  • Road construction and sprayed seal
  • Permeable pavement
  • Concrete
  • Carbon black
  • Oil
  • Diesel
  • Combustion

The consultation period closes 5 August 2022.


TSA has commissioned Edge Environment to understand the potential greenhouse gas (GHG) contributions from end-of-life tyres (EOLT) and a range of TPDs, both during recycling stages and in new markets.

The methodology used aligns with lifecycle analysis (LCA) methodology and environmental product declaration (EPD) methodology and includes modelling of some key tyre derived products and competitive end markets.

The report also looks at existing reporting and regulatory schemes for GHG emissions, to put the GHG benefits from tyres and tyre derived products into context for producers and purchasers, and further encourage the uptake of these products.

The GHG analysis and results in this report are preliminary results only and will be undergoing verification through an independent third-party peer review process, in line with LCA best practice and ISO standard guidelines. As such, the results are subject to change and should be interpreted with this in mind.

TSA is also currently in the process of developing a peer-reviewed tool to assist in the comparison of existing products in the market with TDP alternatives, to provide an indication of the GHG saving.

After the consultation and peer review stages, the final report will be available in TSA’s KNOWLEDGE HUB for government, industry and science and innovation sectors.

Submitting your feedback

We welcome your feedback and comments – click here to download key findings.

We are particularly interested to learn more about

  • Which of these findings surprise, concern or reassure you, and
  • how you will use the report

Please submit your feedback via by 5 August 2022.

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