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TSA News > Media Release: Future Made in Australia must include the opportunity to sustainably process and manufacture tyre waste

Media Release: Future Made in Australia must include the opportunity to sustainably process and manufacture tyre waste

18 April 2024

Future Made in Australia must include the opportunity to sustainably process and manufacture tyre waste

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) warmly welcomes Prime Minister Albanese’s announcement that the Australian government is committed to providing incentives and opportunities for new manufacturing which provide both environmental and economic benefits, including contributing to Australia’s efforts to achieve net zero emissions and a circular economy.

“Tyre waste provides a perfect opportunity for the government to provide the right incentives for the establishment of a new manufacturing industry, which would provide environmental benefit through reduced waste to landfill and an economic benefit through investment and the creation of new jobs,” said Lina Goodman, TSA CEO.

Australia’s recovery rate of all used car, bus, truck, and off-the-road (such as mining and agriculture) tyres is unnecessarily low and is, in fact, going backwards, having dropped to under 58%, a sharp downward trend since 2019-2020 peak of around 70%.

Most of the recovered tyres are exported to Asia for use as a fuel replacement and only 11% or 57,000 tonnes, of all used tyres generated in Australia went back into locally manufactured products.

“Prime Minister Albanese is spot on when he says we need a ‘future made in Australia’ and one which can ‘take advantage of the opportunity for job creation and new industries.’  An ‘all- in’ tyre stewardship scheme would incentivise higher-order outcomes of tyre-derived material into advanced manufacturing and onshore consumption. The Future Made in Australia policy is what we need to leap forward towards a circular economy,” said Ms Goodman.

Internationally there have been initiatives to advance the use of recycled tyres back into new tyres. This policy announcement will give confidence to those with advanced technology like this, to manufacture in Australia and export into the global tyre market. It’s an exciting prospect for Australia’s circular economy for end-of-life tyres.

Existing and new local manufacturers will also be encouraged, with recycled rubber already used as a key component in things like asphalt for road surfacing and concrete road barriers many more untapped manufacturing opportunities are likely to emerge.

TSA stands ready to support manufacturers to access local tyre-derived material from accredited tyre recyclers and collectors, create new and innovative products and seize this exciting opportunity to ensure a future made in Australia.

Background on Tyre Stewardship Australia

Australia’s tyre product steward was established in 2014 to implement the national voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS) – an ACCC-authorised industry framework to reduce the environmental, health and safety impacts of the 540,000 tonnes or 67.5 million Equivalent Passenger Units (EPUs) of used tyres generated in 2022-23.

TSA’s vision is of a circular economy for end-of-life (EOL) tyres that contribute to a sustainable society.

It works all along the tyre supply chain to minimise waste and increase value for government, industry, businesses and consumers, by:

  • Accrediting and monitoring compliance of TPSS participants – now 1,700 and counting, including tyre manufacturers, retailers, collectors, and recyclers who are committed to sustainable practices.
  • Working with levy contributors to invest in market development initiatives – over $9 million invested to date, including:
    • research and development.
    • commercialisation of new productive uses for EOL tyres driving the transformation of a waste product into a useful commodity, creating new industries and jobs while reducing the environmental harm caused by the illegal dumping of old tyres.
  • Providing a range of ESG tools and services for use by government, industry, R&D and consumers, including:
    • Foreign End Market Verification (FEMV) platform – the only global platform that verifies Australian-generated end-of-life tyres are not causing environmental or social harm at their final destination.
    • Sustainable Outcomes Indicator star rating which drives and promotes best practice operations and the development and use of tyre-derived materials and products in the Australian market.


Media contact for TSA:

Sandra Scalise, Tyre Stewardship Australia, Director of Strategic Marketing Communications
Phone: 0491 272 721


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