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West Australian commercial tyre pioneer Get A Grip Tyres brings its supply chain in to the circular tyre economy

27 May 2024

Today, TSA welcomes Get A Grip Tyres as a new contributor and participant in Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme to drive more sustainable outcomes for its mining, construction and transport customers.

Australianowned Get A Grip Tyres, which has been operating for over 20 years in Western Australia (WA), offers an extensive range of tyre services including business-to-business wholesaling, fleet management, logistics, tyre maintenance and tyre manufacturing.

From May 2024, Get A Grip will contribute to the Scheme by paying a voluntary levy on every brand they import and sell into the Australian market. This will help fund TSA’s pursuit of solutions for our nation’s waste tyre problem, from investing in the design and manufacture of products that use tyre-derived material to building markets for those products.

It will also become an accredited participant in the Scheme to give assurance to its customers that their tyres will be managed responsibly – in accordance with best-practice standards such as using only accredited tyre collectors and recyclers for the disposal of end-of-life tyres.

“We are delighted to welcome Get A Grip Tyres to the Scheme,” says TSA CEO Lina Goodman.

“This is a business that has a strong track record in recognising and responding to community demand for all of us to do better and think of the environmental and social consequences of our decisions.

“Its supply chain, which includes a partnership with traditional owner business Gallawinya, extends from Fremantle Ports to the Pilbara, in a State which consumes the highest volume of mining, construction and transport tyres in the country.

“This will help us take Australia’s circular tyre economy further into local communities in regional, rural and remote WA. These are the communities that benefit most from the environmental and economic advantages, such as creation of local jobs, business opportunities and regional development, which tyre recycling has the potential to deliver.

“As a contributor to the Scheme, Get A Grip will help us get more dollars flowing in the right direction to increase the recovery and recycling of used tyres, strengthen markets for tyre-derived material, while minimising environmental, health and safety impacts.

“As a participant in the Scheme, they will be part of a trusted network of manufacturers, recyclers, retailers and local governments that manage their tyres responsibly, provide us with valuable data to identify tyre recycling risks and opportunities and help deter rogue operators.

“Get A Grip’s decision to join us, is tangible outcome of the activity and investment in tyre recovery and recycling we’re see happening in WA at the moment, particularly in the mining industry and indigenous communities.”

Get A Grip Director, Pete Holywell says: “We see the Scheme as a gateway for us to fully enter the circular tyre economy and take responsibility for the brands we import and sell in Australia, that ultimately end their life here each year.

“We’ve built our business on respect for local knowledge and purposeful collaboration with partners and customers. So, we know the brands we sell, and the industries we sell to, are becoming more and more focused on environmental and social impacts.

“We’ve found some solutions on our own. Such as selecting and developing brands built for Australian conditions, helping fleet customers improve tread life and mileage rates, and inventing the KlevaCage which facilitates remote, end-of-life tyre recovery and makes the transport of inflated tyres safer and more efficient.

“Now we’re ready to do more. We believe we can do that through the Scheme. We believe our partners and customers will value knowing their tyres are managed responsibly, from end-to-end of their lifecycle and that, through us, they are part of a very practical effort to find Australian-made solutions for our waste tyre problem.”

Background on Tyre Stewardship Australia

Australia’s tyre product steward was established in 2014 to implement the national voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS) – an ACCC-authorised industry framework to reduce the environmental, health and safety impacts of the 540,000 tonnes or 67.5 million Equivalent Passenger Units (EPUs) of used tyres generated in 2022-23.

TSA’s vision is of a circular economy for end-of-life (EOL) tyres that contribute to a sustainable society.

It works all along the tyre supply chain to minimise waste and increase value for government, industry, businesses and consumers, by:

  • Administering the national Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS) including
  • Investing in market development and Australian designed, developed and built solutions that accelerate the sustainable management, recycling and productive use of EOL tyres and TDM
  • Providing a range of circular economy tools and services for government, industry, R&D and consumers
  • Undertaking research to create a knowledge bank for use by government, industry, research, science and innovation sectors
  • Delivering education programs for consumers and market operators on the risks and opportunities around end-of-life tyre
  • Working with levy contributors to invest in market development initiatives – over $9 million invested to date, including:

Media contact for TSA:

Tolga Huseyin, Tyre Stewardship Australia, Marketing Manager
Phone: 0499 270 038

Media contact for Get A Grip Tyres:

Pete Holywell, Get A Grip Tyres, Director
Phone: 0408 916 194


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