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Event: TSA Mining Tyres and Conveyor Belts Sustainability Forum

22 January 2024

Forum | 5 March 2024 | Sydney

The TSA Off the Road Mining Tyres and Conveyor Belt Sustainability Forum will address the challenges and opportunities for OTR tyre and conveyor belt management across its lifecycle, and a pathway towards a circular economy. The forum builds on the learnings from Tyre Stewardship Australia’s first comprehensive analysis on OTR tyres and conveyors,  ‘Tipping the Balance Report‘ published earlier this year.

NSW is the third largest generator of mining and agriculture tyres in Australia. That’s an estimated 10,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres (not including conveyors) each year, with fewer than 2% of those being recovered for recycling. Considering this massive waste issue and the recent announcement by Minister Plibersek to include OTR tyres and conveyor belts to her Minister’s 2023-24 Priority list, the time for change is now and it can be done if we work together.

Working Together:

TSA’s goal is to bring together the respective expertise of mining companies, industry, and government to address the issue of OTR tyre and conveyor belt waste management and promote sustainability through commercialisation, R&D, action planning, and road mapping of pathways for end-of-life tyre and conveyor belt recovery.

This forum is by invitation only and will kick start how we can work together to find real-world solutions for used mining tyres and conveyor belts in Australia. We have been running working groups with mining companies in Western Australia and would be happy to connect you with appropriate participants if you’d like to hear about their experience.

TSA is technology and business-agnostic with one aim – to find solutions for all end-of-life tyres in Australia.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and connect with:

  • Researchers focussed on current and emerging technologies.
  • Recycling and repair solutions for end-of-life OTR tyres and conveyor belts.
  • The NSW EPA on the Carbon Abatement and Recycling Fund and OTR tyre initiatives.
  • International presenters sharing current de-vulcanisation and pyrolysis solutions.
  • Local repair and recovery solutions.
  • Funding and resource opportunities for new projects and research.


Date/Time: Tuesday, 5th of March 2024. Full-day forum during business hours.

Location: Sydney CBD (to-be-confirmed upon registration).

Note: This is a complimentary TSA-funded event. 

Expression of interest:

If you are interested in attending, please enter your contact details in the link below to enquire about a seat for you and/or your team at the upcoming forum.

Click here if you are interested in attending the forum.

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