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New walls creating opportunities

1 April 2018

TSA accredited recycler, Lomwest Enterprises of Western Australia, has created a high-performance wall system, out of baled used tyres contained within highly stable concrete skins, that has applications including retaining walls, sound barriers, sea and blast walls, cyclone shelters and even race track impact barriers.

The modules for the flexible use wall system (called C4M) are manufactured off-site, allowing quick, easy and safe onsite construction. They can also have their outer surfaces architecturally modified to fit in with or enhance their environment.

Each C4M module contains 100 tightly baled used car tyres, sandwiched between precast panels and can be up to 2.4 metres in height.  They also meet Australian and New Zealand stability, durability and relevant load standards, including for cyclone shelter construction and as fire rated partition walls.

Lomwest is just one of the many TSA accredited recyclers focused on developing, commercialising and promoting new uses for old tyres. The common feature of such new product development is a focus on creating better solutions for existing needs.

The TSA Market Development Fund is supporting a Curtin University independent assessment of the C4M walls. The objective being to fully quantify the benefits of the innovative wall system in a wide range of applications and therefore to expand the opportunities for beneficial use of end-of-life tyres.

TSA Market Development Manager, Liam O’Keefe noted “We are very pleased to be working with Lomwest and Curtin University on this exciting research. Developing the market for end-of-life tyres requires multiple outlets providing for a diverse range of applications. That includes a balance of refined-process powder and crumb using products and high-volume, low-process applications such as the C4M wall system.”

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